A “Police Shooting” In Minneapolis

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Last night Minneapolis police officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect whom they had stopped in his vehicle, and the suspect, now identified as Dolal Idd, was killed. The incident immediately became national news. The New York Times was at first hopeful:

Although, if you actually follow the link, the first thing you see in the Times story is that “[t]he chief said witnesses indicated that the man had fired first.”

It wasn’t a traffic stop, either, contrary to the Times report. It has subsequently been reported that the stop was incident to a firearms investigation.

In any event, a crowd of demonstrators appeared at the scene. They blocked traffic for several blocks and started a bonfire in the middle of the street to keep warm. Authorities pleaded with them not to riot or commit arson. Eventually the crowd dissipated, but that was probably due to the temperature dipping down to an overnight low below ten degrees rather than to the fact that the decedent, a criminal, opened fire on the officers. Rioting is more fun in May and June.

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A little while ago, the Minneapolis Police Department released body cam footage of the incident. Here it is:

This was no traffic stop. Multiple police vehicles converged on the suspect’s car. He first tried to drive away and then, blocked, started shooting at the officers. They returned fire.

Why did he do that? I don’t know. Likely drugs were a factor. But the decedent, Dolal Idd, had a long history as a criminal. The Star Tribune has some of it:

In 2019, Idd was convicted of illegally possessing and firing a gun in Hennepin County. The charges say, in July 2018, Idd fired a gun in the basement shower of his parents’ home around 1 a.m. with two children sleeping nearby.

Idd’s mother told Eden Prairie police that her son was not permitted in the house because “he scares the children.” Police arrested him later in Bloomington with a 9mm handgun that had been reported stolen in North Dakota, according to charges.

This Facebook post, which comes from someone I am told is reliable, describes another incident that I don’t think has yet been reported, where Idd “almost beat a man to death.”

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In short, we have here a typical instance of the police trying to apprehend a criminal who should have been in prison, not on the streets. The criminal, for whatever reason–perhaps because he knew he was guilty of crimes that would lead to a long prison sentence, or maybe he was just high–decided it was better to try to kill the police officers than to surrender. That decision usually proves suicidal, as it was here.

This is an example of police-perpetrator interaction that is of no use to the Left, and therefore will not be heard of again, in leftist journals like the New York Times and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. But the Star Tribune couldn’t resist wrapping up its story by returning briefly to the left-wing narrative:

Without any knowledge of who had been killed, [Harold] Moses said that Wednesday night he immediately assumed the victim was Black. After George Floyd was killed he stopped allowing his 15-year-old son, who is part Filipino, from jogging in the neighborhood because of concerns about safety risks imposed by the public and police. He also has a 12-year-old daughter.

“Nothing seems to change — policing and people’s attitudes,” he said.

That conclusion is ambiguous at best. Policing hasn’t changed, in the sense that if you shoot at a police officer, he or she is likely to shoot back. The Strib obviously doesn’t like that fact. But how about “people’s attitudes”? Does Moses mean the irrational attitude that causes “demonstrators” to riot, loot and commit arson, or to protest and start bonfires in support of a criminal who tried to murder police officers? Neither he nor the Strib is saying.

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